the avantgartist


Art and painting in specific have been a passion of mine from a very young age. My first art class was at the age of 6 years old. Painting became my source of expression through my creativity, I was hooked! 

By the time I reached High School my interests had expanded to interior design as well. I spent my afternoons watching HGTV over MTV and I would re-design my room monthly. Every time I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement in changing things up, and the way the overall feeling of the room would transform as well. As I got older, and my friends were getting their own apartments, I would be the in-house designer of my group of friends, adding my touch to each of their living spaces. It was a heartwarming and proud feeling that would resinate with me each time someone would ask me to help them design their home trusting in my taste. 

Now that I am a mom I tend to have so much going on at once in a days time that I try even harder to take time out of my days to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like filling my home with fresh flowers weekly! I have a real love for flowers and putting together an arrangement always makes me smile! I like to buy my flowers from my local farmers market, or if I can manage to make it to the Los Angeles Flower Mart, I love their selection. These days I am getting creative designing events with one of my closest girlfriends, our company is called Plan-It. I also make the floral arrangements for events like, weddings, baby showers, and bridal Showers. 

I live to eat, and now my passion for food has thrown me into a new avenue to be creative in, cooking! I love to learn new recipes and then alter them to fit my taste pallet. There is so much involved in the technical aspects of cooking that reminds me of painting, that I instantly fell in love with the art of cooking. I’ve been hosting a cousins dinner night at my home for the past 2 years (#wednesdayswiththeavantgartist), I like to make new and interesting dishes each week that leave my guests asking “how did you make this?”

I decided to throw together all the aspects of my creating onto one platform, so I created this blog to do just that. I will be sharing life as a mom with two boys under the age of 3 years, my favorite recipes, design advice, and my original creative outlet, my art. Please subscribe and follow along on my journey through a life lived with creativity!