JANUARY FIRST twenty seventeen

The Materials List:

1 triple shot espresso over ice, with a splash of half & half.

1 wood canvas

1 water bucket

1 disposable pallet pad

1 large sponge

2 painting tarps

loads of acrylic paint - GOLDEN & Portola Paints

water based brushes

The Process:

Currently I'm painting an abstract piece that I’ve been working on, on and off, for the past year. I wanted to give new life to an old piece that had been gathering dust in my studio. The first step was to paint over the previous painting, a geometric landscape of the Santa Monica skyline. I had some help from my studio assistant, Mr. Dean Raphael Fani himself, I called the end product “Mommy and Dean Abstract #1. I’m hoping one of many collaborations in the future. 

The second step was to start painting, with no vision, prep, images, or a tangible inspirational objects. The idea is to be free with my brushstrokes and to transfer my emotional energy, in any witch way, style, color, etc. This kind of painting would be defined as “Abstract Expressionism”.

Step three: (where i’m at now). At this point, I want to take the piece in one more direction, one with purpose, adding an additional element to juxtapose against the raw and free flowing brushstrokes I have laid a foundation with. I’m considering re-introducing some geometric and pattern like elements, similar to what was the previous painting. I will see where that takes me. 

 studio hours: 2.5

Nicole FaniComment