weeks 1-4

The first two weeks of Hunter's life, he was eating, pooping, and sleeping off most of the 24 hours in a day. The days were redundant, tiring, and my lack of sleep made me feel like a mom-bie (a mom who has had little to no sleep)! Between the 2nd and 4th week, Hunter’s eyes started to stay open for longer periods of time, he would cry a bit more, and there were moments of extreme fussiness. I also threw a workout routine into the mix; tummy time at least once a day helped Hunter to strengthen his neck muscles while working on his mermaid pushups! At 2 weeks he had already flipped himself from his front to his back. For his sensory development in these first few weeks I started to sing nursery rhymes to him (his poor ears!), played him an eclectic mix of music (like the Beatles, Googoosh, and Yanni). After his "workouts" I would show him black and white patterns on flash cards to stimulate him, and of course we played peek-a-boo! (Why BLACK & WHITE patterns specifically? Since babies only see in black and white at this stage, color images don't work as well. When you photo copy a color picture to black and white you will see that the contrast has decreased considerably, the images becomes muddy to the baby and therefore are not as stimulating as a high contrast black and white pattern). 

weeks 5-8

In the weeks leading up to the three month mark, Hunter slowly progressed in all the same areas, becoming more verbal and responsive with each days passing. I found that he enjoys bright moving imagery (a.k.a. television), and fast pace music like hip hop and dance. The minute he could fully use his face muscles, this little guy was a bundle of laughs, all smiles from one ear to the other! 

weeks 9-12

By the time the third month rolled around, so had Hunter! He was rolling from his front to his back, back to front, and while swaddled in bed he had managed to flip himself over and onto his face. That was the end of the swaddle! He was now sleeping with his arms out of the sleep sack free to land right onto his face, making sure he doesn't go down without a fight! Gone were the days of laying him down wide awake in a burrito like state, walking out of the room only to return three hours later. Here are the days of play time, giggles, and agoo’s! Hunter is now fully awake for hours at a time, taking down 6-8 ounces of milk in one session, joining in on book time with his older brother, Dean, and grasping the plush toys that I lay out in-front of him, always finding a way to get them into his mouth! 

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