Happy Twenty Seventeen!

Goodbye 2016...Hello 2017!

Highlights of 2016:

1. Dean started pre-school! (Fun fact: Rod and I both attended the same pre-school Dean attends.)

2. Hunter's birth, so in love with that little guy! Rod and I truthfully didn't know how we could share our love with anyone other than Dean, and was it possible to love him as much? It is possible, you just do. He's amazing in his own way!

3. Creating this blog. I've put this one on the back-burner for too long!

My Resolutions/ Longterm Goals For 2017:

1. Waste less, especially with food! I grocery shop a lot, weather it's the market down the street, or my local farmers markets. Sometimes I'm too ambitious and don't have time to cook all the dishes I imagined in my mind for that week. I'm left with good, organic produce that has gone bad, and a horrible feeling of guilt. 

2. Bring workouts back into my weekly schedule. I am a very lazy pregnant lady…now that I'm not pregnant I have no excuse to continue on this way. Soul Cycle here I come! Bye bye baby weight and hello old self!

3. REQUIRED STUDIO TIME! One hour 2-3 times a week to start. I've been out of the studio for too long, its time to get back in there.


As for twenty seventeen, I can't wait to see what excitement you will have in store!




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