Check Out What's In My Cart : Home Edition

beater whisk by normann copenhagen

The overall look of this whisk is ultra modern and the color is the perfect shade of pink (at least in my book). The nylon material gives you the option of using the whisk in cold or hot temperatures, even on the stove top! When you are ready to whisk a small ball lowers down into place and your set to go. I cant wait to whip up a batch of rose water whipped cream with this beauty!

Ekko throw blanket by normann copenhagen

Made from New Zealand Lambs wool, this blanket will surely keep you warm in these cold winter nights! The pastel color pallet juxtaposed against the geometric pattern is such an eye pleasing combination, it's really inviting. This blanket is a staple in my linen closet. 

finn juhl sideboard credenza

This is one of the most stunning mid-century furniture pieces I've had the pleasure of coming across (thanks to the luxury of the internet)! This credenza was originally designed in 1955. The blue greyscale trays are inspired by Goethe's color circle. This would look perfect in any of the rooms in my house...I just need to find some free space! 

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