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  • This uniquely radiant heirloom radish, with it's pastel pink and magenta colored flesh, and pale green leaves, botanically originates from the Brassica (mustard) family. 
  • The flesh is crisp and light, with a hint of pepper and slightly dry finish.  
  • It can be eaten either raw or cooked, depends on your preference and meal. 
  • The size can very from small (like a ping-pong ball) to very large (like a softball).
  • The watermelon radish is available year round, its most fruitful seasons are in the spring, and the fall. 
  • Fun Fact! They can be used as a natural pest repellent! 

I love to slice them thin and throw them into a salad, along with wild arugula, baby kale, organic strawberries and blueberries, and thinly sliced organic baby fennel. For the dressing I like to keep it simple with a pinch off coarse kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper, finished off with a light drizzle of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and a splash of aged balsamic vinegar. (pictured below).

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