Raw Oysters & Mignonette Sauce

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  1. To make the Mignonette Sauce, start by pouring rice vinegar into a small bow.
  2. Next, dice your shallot and add it into the bowl.
  3. Now, add in the sugar, grated ginger and pepper into the bowl. Stir to blend well, and set aside in the refrigerator until ready to serve. 
  4. Shuck your oysters! To begin you will need a towel or thick glove to protect your hands, and a  oyster shucking knife. 
  5. Now roll both ends of a folded kitchen towel into its center and nestle the oyster between the two rolls. 
  6. Next, place your hand on top of the towel, and with your free hand begin to shuck the oyster. Do this by placing the blade of your shucking knife into the "soft spot" at the tip of the oyster shell.
  7. SLOWLY move your knife in a rocking motion with med-minimal pressure, until you feel a "click". 
  8. At this point you want to release the oyster from its shell, separating but keeping it in the shell and its juices. Go slowly here so that you do not puncture the oyster.
  9. Now, slowly move the knife inside the shell, parallel to the top of the shell, releasing the oyster. 
  10. Next crack open the top or lid of the shell and discard it. 
  11. To remove the oyster from the bottom half of the shell it can be a bit more difficult and you need to be delicate when severing. 
  12. First, begin by pushing down gently on the sides and moving the thinest part of the oyster flesh off of the shell and into the center. 
  13. Now you will do the same thing you did with the top half of the shell, moving the knife inside and under the oyster. 
  14. Once both sides are severed you can flip the oyster over and place it on a bed of crushed ice. (BEST TO BE CONSUMED WITHIN 45 MINUTES OF SHUCKING). 
  15. Serve with the Mignonette Sauce, cocktail sauce of choice, and horseradish.
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