What's In My Pantry: Valentine's Day Edition

As parents of two boys under the age of three, Valentine's Day is best spent at home, with takeout from our favorite dinner spot, a bottle of vintage red, and the boys fast asleep in bed by 7:30 pm! A selection of decadent treats from our pantry after dinner will be the cherry on top for our romantic night in! 

The list includes:


  • Baby Champagne Bears: These tiny bears pack a big bubbly flavored punch with a mild fruity tart finish. 

  • Sugar Lips: A super sour punch to your taste pallet in flavors of berries, watermelon and bubble gum that lasts until the last chew. 

  • Ice Cream Cones: A super sweet chewy marshmallow textured gummy with flavors reminiscent of a vanilla ice cream soda with raspberry syrup. 

Lake Champlain

  • Dark Chocolate Mint Heart: A sweeter dark chocolate with cocoa notes and a minty crunch finish. 

MAST Chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate: The flavor profile starts off mild then quickly progresses into an intense cacao flavor with a strong espresso flavored finish. 
  • Almond Butter: Soft bodied, medium intensity, dark chocolate with a mild almond butter finish.
  • Sheep's Milk: Right off the bat there is an intense sheep's milk flavor that overpowers the chocolate and lingers as an aftertaste. 
  • Goat's Milk: Starts with a mild cocoa flavor then quickly turns a corner with an intense goat's milk finish.
  • Olive Oil: Strong cacao flavor notes to start, with an intense bitter sweet finish, and subtle olive oil undertone. 
  • Smoke: An immediate barbecue smoked flavor infuses the bittersweet cacao chocolate notes, with a mild espresso finish. 

Morning Glory Confections

  • Sesame brittle: This sesame brittle is an all too familiar taste being from a middle eastern heritage, flavor notes of honey, sesame, and cardamom are deeply rooted in my cultural cuisine. The brittle has a soft bodied chew after the initial bite, with strong sesame and honey flavors that subside to a soft cardamom finish. 


  • NIGHT TRAIN 75 CACAO NIBS: This unique vegan organic dark chocolate starts with an intense beet root cacao flavor that quickly mellows out, followed by tiny bits of crispy cacao nibs that are imbedded throughout the bar. 



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